Professional residential and business organizer serving Massachusets, Rhode Island and Connecticut
Many businesses today find they need short term help to tackle arising projects. I offer a solution to this by offering hourly and per project pricing to help assist with short term goals. Whether it’s to relocate an office or prescreening of candidates for a position, I will be able to eliminate undue stress and added work for already busy executives.
• Records Organizing
• Data Entry/Documentation Storage/Archiving
• Financial or Bookkeeping Setup
• Office Setup or Relocation
• Software Training
• Advertising
• Application Reviews
• Preliminary Candidate Screening

To be effective in the workplace, time management is essential for all staff. I offer seminars on how to successfully implement and utilize their Day Timer Planners by prioritizing tasks and accomplishing goals. I also offer initial training and refresher courses on the use of Microsoft Outlook and how this incorporates with your electronic PDA.

• Day Timer/Fastfax Usage
• Microsoft Outlook Made Easy
• Implementing Your PDA into Everyday Life